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Finally, spring has sprung and we are well on our way to a beautiful summer!

Spring and summer are busy seasons for Canadians trying to take advantage of the great weather. If you are getting married, buying a new home or have friends or family coming to visit, chances are your summer is starting to fill up.

Getting married this year?
If you're planning on getting married, or are in a long-term relationship, your life insurance needs will have changed since you last reviewed them. After all, there's a good chance you'll soon be looking to purchase a home together or start a family-considerations you didn't previously have to think about. That's where life insurance for couples comes in--both people making sure the other is financially protected should one die.

Basically, couples have two options: two separate life insurance policies-one for each person-or a joint life insurance policy-one policy that covers both of you. Learn more about your two options in "Life insurance for couples: Going with one policy that covers the two of you or two single separate policies-helping you make the choice.

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Buying a new home this summer?
If you are looking to buy a new or larger home, or are planning on renewing or refinancing your mortgage, chances are mortgage insurance will be recommended. But before saying 'yes' to mortgage insurance, consider increasing your existing life insurance coverage instead.

Term life insurance, as an alternative to mortgage insurance, is a popular option. Not only because term life insurance rates are often less than mortgage insurance rates making it a money-saver for most, but also because term insurance policies have features not commonly found with a mortgage insurance policy.

To learn more about mortgage insurance and term life insurance, read the responses we've compiled for the most frequently asked questions we get in "Looking for a mortgage? A bank can help. Looking for insurance to protect your family so they can pay the mortgage if you should die? We can help.

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Are your summer weekends booked with friends or family visiting Canada?
We can help, because we are pleased to announce the expansion of our emergency medical travel insurance to include coverage for visitors to Canada.

Visitors to Canada can now get instant, online quotes for emergency medical travel insurance from an insurance company they know operates in Canada and is familiar with the ins and outs of the Canadian medical system.

Ensure your family and friends have the emergency health insurance coverage they need while travelling in Canada. Give us a call at 1-888-922-8422 toll-free, if you have any questions or visit www.ktxfinancial.ca for access to the online travel insurance quote service.


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